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>Officer C.I.A. - 4.U
>Ready? Lets begin.
>Recite your baseline.
And a plane began to spin.
A system of flight plans interlinked within flight plans interlinked within flight plans interlinked within one file at the agency.
And extremely painfully distinct against the rising fire a big guy with a mask played.
>Big guy.
Big guy.
>Have you ever filed a flight plan with the agency? Big guy.
Big guy.
>Do you sometimes wonder why someone whould shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane? Big guy.
Big guy.
>Have you ever crashed a plane with no survivors? Bane.
>Do you long to powerstance? Bane.
>Do you feel in charge? Bane.
>Extremely painful.
Extremely painful.
>How does it feel when you don't get to bring friends? Extremely painful.
Extremely painful.
>Have you ever pulled off that mask? Extremely painful.
>You are way off your baseline.
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